Custom Instrumentation


New “Retrofit” Gauges by Con2R


So often we look inside an awesome custom or hot rod and see the same digital gauges with a black face and no design, or, it’s a cookie cutter gauge design that “looks retro”. At the recent SEMA Show we found a fresh new look with Con2R’s custom instrumentation.

We spoke with Bob and the boys at Con2R about the “Retrofit” gauges displayed.

“When we went looking for instrumentation that was appropriate for our 1964 Ford ‘PH100’ project, all we could find were the same old ‘needles in a pre-sized can.'” Said Bob.

So as is the case with everything they do at CON2R, combining their creative and technical capabilities to develop their own instrumentation – complete from the working components to the one-off raised lettering and dimensional faces to the domed glass and backlighting – that fits aesthetically and functionally. Using the original panel and gauges as their guide, they create a complete set of instrumentation that appears to have come direct from the factory when the vehicle was built.

If you don’t like what you see in the catalogs and want to do more with your gauges, give Con2R a call. They enjoy the opportunity to put their talented crew to work for you to create instrumentation that is yours and yours alone.  Check out some of the other instrumentation they have built in their Instrumentation Gallery.

Make A Statement with DynaBuckle


Dynabuckle640Have you been searching for a custom metal shop to build just the right piece to finish off your ride. Imagine a custom emblem or dash bezel. Maybe you are planning an event. Can you picture a custom medallion for your show? Club plaques have made a great comeback. What would your members think if they could wear the plaque on their belts? We have just the right place for you.

Enter DynaBuckle

For over 40 years, DynaBuckle’s team employs the lost art of American Craftsmanship, to create your item that will endure both time and impression.

No order is too big or too small from stock retail pieces to fully custom designed items. Each piece is finished by hand, by our craftsmen, in-house, in the U.S.A. Whether it is a piece of jewelry for your car, a custom award for your show or a symbol of pride for your club, DynaBuckles attention to detail, excellent customer service and quick turn around is sure to impress.

Bring your imagination, and we will bring our artistry. Visit:

Rocket Strikes at 17″


Rocket Strike delivers more visual impact with new larger diameter

Photos and Story by Rocket Performance Machine
The word “striking” is defined: to make an impression on the mind, senses, as something seen or heard; attractive, impressive. Upon its conception, the Rocket Strike, defined itself as an unmistakably, classic wheel that commands attention. Since its debut in 2010, the Rocket Strike has driven everything from Muscle Cars to Lead Sleds and Hot Rods, cross the globe. Now, the Rocket Strike is making impact again with all new larger diameter sizes: 17×7 and 17×8.   There is no better way for you to deliver a bigger impression and visual impact than increasing the wheel diameter with the new sizes of Rocket Strike.  The new 17″ diameters will be available Spring of 2016.
The award-winning Rocket Strike defines hot rods, muscle cars, and classic trucks with clean, timeless lines and finishes.  The Rocket Strike is touted as the perfect boulevard cruiser and is available in Fully Polished, Full Satin “As Cast”, and the custom RPM 7 finish – a nod to the classic, gold Dow 7 coating of the 60’s and 70’s.
The Rocket Strike wheel offers a longer center cap tower that resemble push through center caps of wheel designs of the 60’s. The Strike Series wheels are precision-crafted from cast one-piece A356 aluminum and topped off with a vintage style aluminum o-ring center cap. Add Rocket Vintage Knockoff with thread-on adapter and bullet lug nuts for the perfect Rocket Strike accessory.

1947 Kurtis Kraft Midget

A great piece of Southern California Racing History

This beautiful Offenhauser 110 powered 1947 Kurtis Kraft midget race car recently came in to Blacktop Depot in Old Towne Orange, California. It comes along with a book that documents it’s history since 1947 and starting and tuning instructions.

Visit for more details or stop by the store at 418 W. Chapman Ave, Orange, CA 92866 to see it live.

Scratch This


A Blacktop Book Review:

Featuring the scratchboard art of BOMONSTER


Self-published book that starts off with a bang! Visually and verbally as we open the cover to find a cool review of the cover image; “Bolts”. This sets the tone to a personal visual dialog with a creative artist who pays homage to the men before him. Most importantly his father.

I expected the book to be like most artist tomes, as a chronological portfolio. Instead, the pages tell different stories from BOMONSTER’s past, his friends and of course the incredible rides. The pieces are assembled like the loose hardware in your pockets. Dimes and washers, cotter pins and pennies, the commodity of the working man. Who knows what he will pull out next.

Ever since I first met BOMONSTER at a Mooneyes X-Mas party, his polite smile and gentle voice shared the passion he has in the industry and in art. He is quick to show his appreciation of his fellow artists and vendors who have helped him to present his work in a professional and effective manner. Mrs. BOMONSTER is always a pleasure to see at shows and events.

This book is similar to seeing him at a show. The work welcomes you with open arms to learn more of the subject, the process and the culture. Get this book! You can follow BOMONSTER on your favorite social media site or visit his website at