Larry’s Big Window

Paternal Inspiration

An old photo of his mom and dad with a ‘50’s era Chevy Truck in the background sparked a cylinder in Larry’s head.

That spark led to an inspiration to some day have an old Chevy truck to cruise around in like his parents did back in the day.

Soon enough, Larry got a hold of a ’57 small window that was all apart from the chassis and the rest in baskets. A true “Basket-Case”. As he was putting it together he heard of this ’58 on the market that was already painted and ready to add his special touches. He picked it up and quickly sold the ’57 project to a friend.

First thing to go were the rims and add a set of 18” Foose Nitrous wheels with some 235/40’s all around. Then he dressed up the engine compartment. A buddy of his built the polished stainless steel firewall cover. The interior was all done and Larry added Vintage Air for a more comfortable ride. A ride that sits on airbags, ready to deck the nose into the weeds. The wiring was a mess. A mix of original and cobbed up work here and there. In-fact there was 4 lines running off the switch positive, one that led to the radiator fan! So, he picked up a harness from Painless and got busy re-wiring the whole thing. He hid the wiring into the left front fender to keep it clean under the hood. [I did the same with project Riff-Raff]

What’s really cool is Larry taking his parents out for a cruise reminding them of the good days. The truck shares a garage with a ’64 C10 that Larry built from the ground up. Watch for an article on that truck soon. So what’s next for Larry, He is currently searching for the next project, a ’54 Bel Air Hardtop.

Story: T-Bone, Model: Lola Lovelle


Builder: larry ortiz/jimmy fox

Year: 1958

Make: Chevrolet

Chop: none

Channel: none

Section: none

Other Body Modifications: Battery moved to frame, stainless steel firewall, 1967 impala door mirrors, stainless steel tail gate cover.

Grille/shell: stock

Paint Color: Chevy fire red

Paint Type: Acrylic Lacquer

Painter: Robert Baltierra(classic oldies car club)

Custom Graphics: Pinstriping by Bowman (Long Beach Ca.)

Engine: Small Block 350 HP:375 Torque:400 Displacement:350ci Bore/Stroke:4.040×3.480 Compression Ratio:10.0:1

Transmission: Turbo 350

Intake & Carb: Intake Edelbrock Endurashine Carburetor Edelbrock Endurashine 650

Ignition: HEI

Exhaust: Flowmaster

Rear End: Ford 9” 3:00 Ratio

Suspension Front: Mustang II Air bagged

Suspension Rear: 4 link Air bagged

Brakes, Front: Disk (CPP)

Brakes, Rear: Drum stock

Wheels/Size: Foose Nitrous 18×8 rear 18×8 front

Tires/Size: Front 235/40R18 Rear 235/40R18

Seats: 1967 Chevy Chevelle tan vinyl and cloth

Upholstery: Custom headliner and console with cup holders

Dashboard: Dakota Digital Series III

Steering Column: Chrome (CPP)

Steering Wheel: Lecarra Leather wrapped tan

Interior Extras: Dash and Dashboard from a 1957 truck glove box shaved.

Windows: Big back window

Taillights: stainless stock

Club Affiliation: none

Anything Else: Valve covers and Air cleaner Billit Specialties, Billit Stepside covers (Brothers Parts Norco Ca.), Vintage Air.