Baller Tuff Covers

Installing Ruff Tuff Seat Covers.

Hello everyone, this is Hot Rod Hilda and here’s a story about the boys putting nice new seat covers in my truck, the Blacktop Baller.

The truck is a 2007 RAM 1500 Hemi crew cab. Well, it’s not actually my truck ‘cause I can’t drive, being a doggie and all. Sometimes I share the backseat with a wheelchair.

When the guys were at the recent SEMA Show they saw some nice seat covers from Ruff-Tuff. Their name speaks my language. They were exhibiting seat covers that fit so well, you’d think they were upholstery kits!

They got to talking and found out that the seat covers are virtually custom ordered. They have a variety of fabrics and patterns and you can mix and match how you want them. Pretty cool huh?

Billy ordered up the Dura EZ-Care fabric in a new Tactical Camo called Kryptek Typhon and Charcoal centers. You can order pockets in the front of the seat cushions. The guys ordered a sewn in one for the passenger side and a velcro removable “Pistol Pocket” on the drivers side.

Another cool thing Ruff Tuff has is called the “Special Ops Package”. This package is sewn into the back of the front seats and has large pockets and straps to tie things on with caribeeners or clips. They chose to order the Special Ops in a lighter silver color to accent it well. There are pockets that open on the sides so you can pack rifles, fishing poles, or in Billy’s case his crutches from one seat to the other.

It took the boys about 2 hours to install all the front and back. It looked like quite the job as they were gruntin’ and groanin’ pulling the covers over the seats.

As you can see, the finished result is really nice and durable enough for Billy to throw his wheel chair in back and for me after running around at the dog park.

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