B.A.D. Engine Pt. 1

Wait till you see the black jewel to be unearthed from this beast.


Photos/Story: Billy/T-Bone

Today we ran over to visit with the engine for the B.A.D. Bike Build. Our buddy Mitch is going to split the cases. We ran over to get some BEFORE photos and take a look inside the motor for our project. The first look saw the engine was pretty beat. A push-rod tube was missing along with the pushrod, so it wasn’t a suprise that when the rockers were lifted that the other tubes were empty. “A tweaker engine” commented Mitch. He had seen this kinda thing before. Tweakers will take parts off one engine for another instead of buying new. The oil sitting on top of the heads looked pretty clean to me. Good thing.

Don’t count your chickens…

We removed the heads and found the cylinder walls on both jugs were scratched by the wrist pins, although they were pretty clean otherwise. “It was a smoker.” Mitch explained. It would run OK, but smoke quite a bit as oil would pass through the grooves and burn up on top of the pistons. This engine was put together quite recently, and most likely never ran. The nuts weren’t all that tight and the pistons were pretty clean considering them grooves in the cylinder walls. Most likely this motor was put together to put into the bike when it was sold. We are glad to see the motor is at a place where it will be built right for the new owner and supporter of our B.A.D. Bike Build. Next is a phone call to Total Seal for the rebuild kit and to Hillco for some fancy hardware. Stay tuned for a follow-up on the build and another for the finished product.