Clinton Powell


Clinton with Bo Huff

Going back in time to start I guess I can give credit to my late mother. Being raised by a single parent is no easy task. I know first hand in raising my son. Mom would come home late from work and I would still be up, andĀ made sure my younger brother went to sleep. ThenĀ one day while shopping at a F.W.Woolworth store in Lakewood Colorado she decided to get me a model car kit, with glue and paint with brushes. So that night we went to building our models (ya she got one also).

I was about 12 then. My passion for cars and hot rod’s only grew from there. I eventually built a spray booth. Had a box of extra parts that I did not use on the last one’s. She always made sure that I had the 2n1 kits. From model cars that I learned to detail with plug wires and all my desire grew into slot cars. I had to have the fastest GT 40 that is, and it was.

About then we started to go to the races. The grass roots at Englewood or Lakeside. Man if I had only known what a Flathead 8 or 32 would be worth today. I remember when I was about 13 maybe 14 she did not trust us alone so she hired a high school girl from down the street to watch over us. Outside of my crush she had a boyfriend that was a member of the Sabers C.C. And to this day I swear that his 58 Impala was the one in American Graffiti. But will never know. He would bribe me to be cool and we would go cruizin’ in that 58 Impala.

Well time to be 16, 1st license and legal to drive. 49 Ford Coupe. Who would have thought that with that car and my 1st camera that I would be doing today, meeting the people that I have been lucky to meet. The late George Barris, Bo Huff, Gene Winfield, and only if I can move like him when I grow up. Just in meeting these people it has brought a lot into my life.

So I thank the Dennis’s, VooDoo’s Gene’s, Pete’s out there. And I hope to meet many more. And you know they are just like you and me. All you have to do is walk up, put your hand out and tell them how much you enjoy seeing what they can create. A word of caution, and I know that I should not mention this, but please keep all negative remarks to yourself. Seen a few fights break out over a bad remark.

I grew up on the streets of Denver racing. Fun to watch a speedo peg out at 140 on I 70 late at night when no one is around, including the construction crew.

Guess I grew up somewhere. About 16 years ago I started this passion of getting photos of cars that I enjoyed and I knew that others might as well. So here it is 2016 and I have yet to scratch the surface of what I want to see in my view finder. Meet more new people and the shakers and movers in this hobby.

To me to get behind the wheel of my 64 Impala or make it to a show is the best therapy that money just can not buy.

So I hope that one day we can meet and become more than just another face in the sea of faces.

When it comes to leading people, there is no problem that is unique to you.