Joseph Porey

JotographyI grew up in the small town of Orange, Massachusetts.  I would say my love of old cars began there.  My Uncle was always tinkering with and restoring old Volkswagen Beetles, not my choice of a hot rod, but seeing all the old parts and styles vary from year to year I think is what hooked me on to the older generation of cars and of course a neighbor across the street had a shop and quite a collection of classic hot rods I didn’t stand a chance.

As far as my photography I didn’t stumble upon an interest until about 2010.  I bought a cheap point and shoot.  I actually was just takin’ photos of the kiddos and a friend of the family asked if I could do their engagement photos, I wasn’t thrilled about the idea, but they were in need of someone so I took the plunge and did the engagement shoot.

I found out my love of automotive photography while playing around at the car shows with the camera in hand, and getting home and plugging away at the editing program and watching how fellow photographers who were way more experienced then I thought I could ever be, so I picked their brains some and asked many, many questions.  Eventually I learned the do’s and don’ts.  I have also found what is my style not to copy cat someone else’s success.

I don’t know where my photography will take me, I have had a photo end up in a contest for an O’Reilly’s store front photo competition which won an honorable mention here in the heartland aka Kansas.  I’ve had photo’s submitted into a contest from a previous client and based off my photos of her father’s Mustang. It turned into his car being used in the commercial shot here in Kansas.

I enjoy the photography as a hobby and will never make a profit, given all the hours, and money spent, but getting noticed on a larger scale and seeing the reactions or hearing the reactions of my photography is where I always strive to be.  I’ve never tried to get rich but more or less wanna share on a larger viewing scale of the ability of guy who started out with 100.00 point and shoot camera and self taught. Where I  can share and let others appreciate my style which I’ve nicknamed “Jotography”