Charley Hutton Interviewed at the 2015 SEMA Show

Sherri Candland interviews Charley Hutton at the recent SEMA Show.

Willy’s Garage Products presents an interview with Riddler winning painter Charley Hutton at the 2015 SEMA Show. Charley owns Charley Hutton’s Color Studio in Idaho and worked with Boyd Coddington during the TV Show American Hot Rod and did a couple of stints on Chip Foose’s Overhaulin show.

Get Out of My Way

Installing Kleinn Air Horns on T-Bone’s Harley

Story: T-Bone and Billy, Photos: Blacktop Media Network

I hear from a lot of guys who don’t ride anymore. One of the main reasons are the crazy drivers on the road these days. Cell phones have really made the road a dangerous place. Their convenience has come at a price. Enough is enough.

Loud Pipes Saves Lives – Not so sure of that.

I’ve had drag pipes and straight through fishtails on my bike and they have not helped me get noticed except the kids covering their ears and the car next to me rolls up their windows.

Think about it. The problem drivers are in front of you, not behind you. The exhaust is typically going out the back and the sound is much louder behind you than in front. Then when the cage driver rolls up their windows, the sound is muffled much more.

Loud Horns Save More Lives.

Loud horns will get the attention over a droning rumble any day. We met the people from Kleinn Air Horns at the recent SEMA Show. They had a mild custom Harley on the floor with a set of their horns on it. I like the way they looked, but more importantly, I liked the fact that people will now hear me as they come upon me.

The installation was pretty easy, simply follow the instructions and adjust as needed for your particular bike. We suggest you also watch the video on their website. We could have cut a few corners if we did that first. The only adjustment we needed was the placement of the compressor within the stock horn cap. Other than that, easy peasy and took us one and a half hours, taking our time.

Watch the video above as Billy and Tony rap about avoiding the dangers of the road while installing the horns.

Take a look at all the options Kleinn has for your vehicles.

Make A Statement with DynaBuckle


Dynabuckle640Have you been searching for a custom metal shop to build just the right piece to finish off your ride. Imagine a custom emblem or dash bezel. Maybe you are planning an event. Can you picture a custom medallion for your show? Club plaques have made a great comeback. What would your members think if they could wear the plaque on their belts? We have just the right place for you.

Enter DynaBuckle

For over 40 years, DynaBuckle’s team employs the lost art of American Craftsmanship, to create your item that will endure both time and impression.

No order is too big or too small from stock retail pieces to fully custom designed items. Each piece is finished by hand, by our craftsmen, in-house, in the U.S.A. Whether it is a piece of jewelry for your car, a custom award for your show or a symbol of pride for your club, DynaBuckles attention to detail, excellent customer service and quick turn around is sure to impress.

Bring your imagination, and we will bring our artistry. Visit:

2015 SEMA Show Recap

Recap Trailer of the 2015 SEMA Show

T-Bone, Billy, Travis and John run the show to find new trends, and meet new friends.

Whew! What a crazy week that was. Billy and I left a bit late from the homestead so we didn’t get a chance to stop at KC’s Fool Service Garage museum on the way out to the SEMA Show. Next time. We arrived in the valley in time to check-in and get our media passes for the show start the next morning.

We set out with a couple of missions: Find cool new products. Discover trends in the industry and help some of our design and marketing clients to get exposure.

I rolled up early to set up our banner and hit the New Products awards breakfast. Congrats to Shawn Gibson for their Best New Powersports Product, their 2016 Yamaha Dual Exhaust. We will be presenting highlights on many new products from the SEMA Show in the coming weeks. C10. What’s with all the Chevrolet C10’s? Dang. They were all over the place, in every hall. The big ticket item for aftermarket parts these days I guess. We will be sharing some of our favorite rides from the show like Mark Johnson’s gasser: The Tire Fryer.

We didn’t notice any other big trends going on besides the influx of C10’s. A lot of the same products from two years ago, however with expanded line offerings. Almost every motorcycle in the show had one of them big stupid wheels up front. Sorry to offend, but these bikes are like cartoons. I haven’t seen one with a big 300+ rear wheel yet, but I am sure that is coming soon. My prediction on the future trend in motorcycles will be a reversion to the baggers of the 60’s with all the lights and accessories on them. They will be welcome with open arms here at Blacktop away from these crazy-ass “choppers”.

Yet I digress, for this show, the most outrageous the more appropriate. It is Las Vegas after all. It was a nice respite however, when we ran into a mild custom or subtle restoration among the clutter of craziness.

We met some great people, collaborated with awesome friends and mourned at the loss of an icon. There was a cloud over event as we all thought about how George Barris touched our lives. It was two years ago when I watched him get inducted into the SEMA Hall of Fame. This year I am grateful for my friends Sheila Perkins and Dennis Gage for inviting me to sit at their table as Dennis was inducted this year in the SEMA Hall of Fame.

We hit each mission and will be sharing the results in the near future. We will be installing a Kleinn Air Horn on my Harley, and a sweet Custom Autosound system in the ’56 and more. Stay tuned.

The Annual Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction


Las Vegas has always been a place for gamblers. However, it is now slowly becoming known as the motorcycle mecca of the world for its highly successful annual Motorcycle Auctions…

Around 1,000 bikes were featured in this year’s Motorcycle Auction. Bonhams and Mecum – two of the biggest auction companies in the world – have kicked off the event, bringing in about 750 bikes for the 3-day extravaganza. It was a very lively event; with cattle-callers assisting guests at Mecum’s show, while spotters tirelessly ran to and fro to assist bidders at the event.

Mecum’s array of bikes was quite impressive, filling the hall with impressive Honda RC30s and an originally-painted ’29 Cleveland Tornado 4-cylinder. Bonhams, on the other hand, had cheaper bikes on display and catered well to those who are looking for a big discount for bulk purchases. In the event, several ‘60s Triumphs, Harley Panheads, and ‘40s Indian Chiefs were sold at very low prices.

In 2013, one of the most successful Las Vegas Motorcycle Auctions took place at the South Point Casino. In it, a special antique Motorcycle Auction took place. The 3-day event featured about 600 classic bikes from prominent makers, including hard-to-find vehicle lines that were produced by Matchless Motorcycles and Harley Davidson.

Las Vegas used to be at the top of the entertainment industry but in recent years, its gaming revenues have started to decline. The reason for this is because online gaming providers offered easier access to games, effectively taking a huge chunk of revenues from Las Vegas establishments. Gaming Realms, operator of a slew of commercially-licensed slot machines, said that the popularization of online gaming has come from the increased adoption of smartphones by consumers, which explains why Las Vegas is struggling to perform financially as well as it used to. According to Bloomberg, Macau has officially taken over Las Vegas in gaming revenue since 2007, leaving Sin City no choice but to expand its entertainment services to people wanting more than just gaming. Las Vegas artist residencies, theme parks, and annual auctions such as the Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction are among the few tactics thought about by Las Vegas in order to drive traffic back into the city – offerings that their online counterparts will never be able to offer.

ASM/Gas Monkey Garage Party

Welcome our newest contributor; Rich Pierce.


Photos by Rich Pierce

Rich has been shooting hot rods since 1997. He told us about the day Boyd Coddington gave this young guy a nod: “Kid keep shooting you never know where it’s gonna lead.”

Here Rich is invited to an ASM Auto Upholstery and Gas Monkey Garage Party as well as a tour of Sue’s shop.

Thanks for the photos Rich, we look forward to seeing more of your great work here at Blacktop Magazine. – Tony Colombini