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Articles and photos contributed by our friends.

Behind the Steel Curtain at 44 Build

Steve Mabry and Ryan Chaney of 44 Build

Steel, Stone and Stain You may have seen this truck on the Discovery show Fast and Loud featuring the antics at Gas Monkey Garage. When we saw the episode I knew we had to do a shop tour. Texas Rich…

Touring Mantiques Network


There are times when someone has to disrupt the status quo. I met Jim Schafer and Jeff Walker from Mantiques Network a couple of years ago. They had a bunch of “Cool Old Stuff” they were selling at the Cruisin’…

Cruisin’ For A Cure


Now Showing on BlacktopTV: For the past 17 years, Debbie Baker and a crew of about 200 volunteers have successfully put on an incredible event.  I don’t want to call it a car show, because it is so much more…

Recycled Rig


Anthony Robinson’s Custom TriumphWhat if I told you this bike was built from recycled garage doors? Pretty unbelievable, and yes, there is a twist. I dig hearing stories about average guys like you and me who get an idea and…

No Smoke without Fire – American La France


The earliest racing machines enjoy a huge presence, rarity and price tag to match, the alternative? A US Speedster that offered ‘muscle’ long before the phrase became popular. It matters not your personal taste in motor vehicles, some machines just…

Dirty Monkey Kustoms


This adventure of mine started at a very early age and was inspired by and dedicated to my dad Jimmy – a hot rodder and motorcycle enthusiast in his day, and the most unorthodox basement mechanic I have known. Early…