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Content Marketing Is THE BEST WAY To Personalize Your Company Or Product.
We have found that smart marketers are going away with traditional “in-your-face” advertising and sharing their products through educational content driven messaging.
Content marketing helps personalize your business.In this age of instant communication and online sourcing, showcasing your company, product, or services in a friendly, educational and entertaining way will help connect to your target audience. Not only that but search engines appreciate the relevant articles on your website and help drive traffic to you!
This is where the design and marketing experts at Blacktop Media can help you. Our small yet effective staff offer personalized attention to your marketing collateral design, production and distribution.


Copywriting • Photography • Videography • Graphic Design • Distribution 

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We have several programs making sure that at least one of them is perfect for your marketing strategy and budget! Can’t find what you are looking for? We can create a custom package just for you!
We Do What Others Don’t
Tired of having your company mis-represented? We have found that many publications publish the article without the sponsors consent. We make sure to deliver the content directly to you for approval and edits BEFORE we publish them. Rest assured your company will be professionally presented with your core message.

EXCLUSIVE CONTENT – About Your Company, Product or People.

  • Create a SINGLE article about your company and distribute it to our network for only $750.00
  • Create a SINGLE video about your company/product for only $1,500.00


  • Create a SERIES of three articles for only $1,750.00
  • Create a SERIES of three videos for only $3,750.00

SPONSORED CONTENT – Single or a Series of “Kulture” Articles.

Your company name will be prominently displayed and mentioned in each fuel fed kulture article content with no more than two other sponsors.

  • Sponsor a SINGLE article for only $200.00
  • Sponsor a SINGLE video for only $350.00


  • Sponsor a SERIES of three articles for only $500.00
  • Sponsor a SERIES of three videos for only $900.00

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