GM QuadraSteer Ball Joints from Rare Parts

We uncovered a diamond at the SEMA Show.

Rare Parts has recently acquired a waterjet machine to make custom or limited run parts more efficient. We’ve seen some of their fantastic new parts with this machine but what caught our eye most was the GM QuadraSteer Lower Ball Joints.

If you own a GM QuadraSteer vehicle you may have noticed that the lower rear ball joints are very hard to come by. If not impossible. The experts at Rare Parts have solved that problem for you. Their new QuadraSteer ball joint guaranteed to fit OE applications and is much stronger than the original too. Southern California native, Genevieve Chappell, The Queen of Cars, is attracted to Rare Parts new capabilities. Being a car-girl, Genevieve noticed the Rare Parts ball joint is greaseable, and the case hardened ball stud is upgraded from 35mm to 40mm resulting in a 24% larger wear surface!

The experts at Rare Parts tell us the ball joint also features improved internal components including powdered metal upper bearing, and Bellville preload washers. This means a heavier duty, longer lasting part for you.

With guaranteed direct OE fit, Rare Parts manufactures steering and suspension parts for any make, model or year vehicle.  If we don’t have it, we will build it. Part#: RP11911. . (800) 621-2005 –