Texas Rich

texas-rich-photoHello everyone, Rich Pierce here but you can call me “Texas Rich” I was raised and grew up in sunny Southern California for most of my life. Growing up out there paved the way into what has now become nothing short of Amazing, a career in the best Industry by far, I truly believe.
As we all would like the opportunity to someday do what we love for work, I can honestly say working for this Magazine has opened so many doors in the Reality Television Industry as well as in the Hot Rod Community out here in Texas. ASM AUTO UPHOLSTERY, GAS MONKEY GARAGE, CELEBRITY CAR SHOWS, DREAM MACHINE ASSOCIATION, KC’S PAINT SHOP HOTRODS & RESTORATIONS, BASS KUSTOMS, 44 BUILD, SCOT ROD’S GARAGE, THIRD GEN, GOOD GUYS LONESTAR NATIONALS, AMERICAN OUTLAW EVENTS, STREET OUTLAWS, SEMA and that is just to name a few. I think 2017 will be a great year for us out here in Texas. We are beginning to create a demand for the Magazine out here and that is why I am willing to bet we will be known all over Texas in a short amount of time.
I head up the Blacktop Texas Division here in beautiful Fort Worth, TX. We moved here in June of 2015 in the beginning of what turned out to be one hot Summer. I guess it all started for me at a very young age attending all those Car Shows and Monster Truck Shows with my Father. I remember when my Father would get home from work every night, asking him for a ride on his motorcycle (old Yamaha dirt bike) where he would take me up the street from our house as I would sit on the gas tank and grip onto the handle bars with my small 3-year-old hands.
My love passion and inspiration grew from there. My dreams of being the best at what I do has come from my parents. My dad and mom have always told me to just be myself and through the years told me that Actions speak louder than words. I think if you want something to happen in life you must go for it and make it happen.
If you are wondering what would be my favorite to shoot I can tell you that when I pick up that Camera and start taking those photographs the mere Idea of getting to do this is downright cool. Knowing I shoot different places all the time as well as the same place time to time this all is Awesome. I don’t have one favorite place.

As many folks, sometimes like to improve or expand on their abilities I do the same for example: after I take photographs at any event, I look to outdo the last events photos.
Back in 1994 I met the man who would begin to shape and carve out my path I would someday take. That man was Boyd Coddington. This man was truly a one of a kind, he was the one behind the phrase “The Boyd Look” I was captivated by his willingness to take time out of his busy day to allow me into his world for a brief amount of time. Even though brief it will last a lifetime and now I can say I have met a legend.
Since relocating here to the Lone Star State we have been welcomed with open arms and I have met a lot of great people in just over one year. The response to the Magazine has been so Awesome and I love going to small towns or garages to see their Hotrods, Customs, Classics, Rat rods, etc.
Stay tuned to Blacktop Magazine as we continue to grow out here in Texas… Keep it cool…
…….And we will see you in the Magazine.
-Texas Rich