Edelbrock would like to congratulate Michele Abbate and Kent Nine for their victories this past weekend. Both competitors depend on an Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger system to give them the competitive edge they need to reach the winners circle. Michele Abbate MichelleAbbate2started the weekend off by winning the 2016 SCCA US Majors Tour Western Conference season opener at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California. Michele and her team, GRR Racing, battled through some technical difficulties during practice but qualified 2nd in the STU field with a lap time of 1:52.394 on Saturday. This was Michele’s first race in her newly Edelbrock E-Force supercharged equipped Scion FR-S. Michele stayed ahead of the field with consistent lap times across the 25-minute race with a full field. Sunday’s race was a downpour at the Speedway, while battling heavy rain conditions she finished the race with a 2nd place podium finish. Michele is the 2015 STU Champion and the recipient of the 2015 Lindley Bothwell So Pac/Cal Club Driver of the Year Award.

kentNineKent Nine finished the weekend by taking the victory in the Roush Performance Super Stang class at the 17th Annual Nitto NMRA All Ford World Finals in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Kent picked up right where he left off last season as the reigning 2015 NMRA Super Stang champion and is continuing to dominate by taking the win in the season opener. This weekends class started out with a 23 car field and proved to be very competitive class again. Kent drives a 2006 Ford Mustang GT equipped with a Brenspeed Stage 2 Edelbrock E-Force supercharger package.

“This past weekend was a very exciting time for E-Force brand. Both Michele and Kent have proven that the Edelbrock E-Force supercharger has what it takes to win races! Michele’s hard work and dedication has brought Edelbrock it’s first E-Force road course win, while Kent continues to dominate his class at the drag strip,” states Eric Blakely, Edelbrock Director of Advertising.


Blacktop Magazine suggests you call Ed at HB Hot Rods and Hogs in Huntington Beach, CA. They are an authorized installer of the Edelbrock E-Force Superchargers.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 8.12.06 PM

Weego Portable Power

SEMA New Product Feature


Story: T-Bone, Photos: Billy

Early one morning at the SEMA Show I was working on recharging my body with some stiff coffee and stumbling around the north hall when I saw an orange and white Ford Falcon wagon. Part surf van, part ’70’s street rod it caught my eye. It worked. As I looked around the friendly staff in the booth noticed my need to get recharged. And they had just the product. Sleek and powerful portable battery packs they call WeeGo!

They took your usual device charger and knocked it up a notch as an emergency safety tool. The “Heavy Duty Weego Jump Starter/Battery Pack” is so powerful it will jump start your motorcycle or car. It has a built in flash light that is pre-programmed with a flashing light or S.O.S. signal. The thin design and custom bag fit great in your glove box. The battery pack is shock resistant so keep it handy in your saddlebags and ride with safety in mind. Safety aside it will also recharge multiple devices at once!

The “Tour 10400” is the largest of their stand-alone battery packs and can charge two devices at once. It holds 10400mAh of power. I was able to charge my dead iPhone 6 twice and it still had half a charge.

We strongly suggest you take a look at Weego and put one in each of your vehicles. Go to MyWeego.com for more information.

Charley Hutton Interviewed at the 2015 SEMA Show

Sherri Candland interviews Charley Hutton at the recent SEMA Show.

Willy’s Garage Products presents an interview with Riddler winning painter Charley Hutton at the 2015 SEMA Show. Charley owns Charley Hutton’s Color Studio in Idaho and worked with Boyd Coddington during the TV Show American Hot Rod and did a couple of stints on Chip Foose’s Overhaulin show.

Get Out of My Way

Installing Kleinn Air Horns on T-Bone’s Harley

Story: T-Bone and Billy, Photos: Blacktop Media Network

I hear from a lot of guys who don’t ride anymore. One of the main reasons are the crazy drivers on the road these days. Cell phones have really made the road a dangerous place. Their convenience has come at a price. Enough is enough.

Loud Pipes Saves Lives – Not so sure of that.

I’ve had drag pipes and straight through fishtails on my bike and they have not helped me get noticed except the kids covering their ears and the car next to me rolls up their windows.

Think about it. The problem drivers are in front of you, not behind you. The exhaust is typically going out the back and the sound is much louder behind you than in front. Then when the cage driver rolls up their windows, the sound is muffled much more.

Loud Horns Save More Lives.

Loud horns will get the attention over a droning rumble any day. We met the people from Kleinn Air Horns at the recent SEMA Show. They had a mild custom Harley on the floor with a set of their horns on it. I like the way they looked, but more importantly, I liked the fact that people will now hear me as they come upon me.

The installation was pretty easy, simply follow the instructions and adjust as needed for your particular bike. We suggest you also watch the video on their website. We could have cut a few corners if we did that first. The only adjustment we needed was the placement of the compressor within the stock horn cap. Other than that, easy peasy and took us one and a half hours, taking our time.

Watch the video above as Billy and Tony rap about avoiding the dangers of the road while installing the horns.

Take a look at all the options Kleinn has for your vehicles. www.Kleinn.com

Getting the Best Shot

A SEMA Show New Product Highlight


Photos: Billy, Story: T-Bone

A neat thing about the SEMA Show is all the entrepreneurial spirit. Miles of aisles filled with new products. I was particularly attracted to products that solve a specific problem.

I have never trusted the mounts that came with my GoPro cameras. I nearly lost a camera on a ride once. I had the camera mounted on left side of my crash bar on the Harley. We were riding in the middle of a 300+ bike pack heading north on PCH through Malibu for the Bartels Harley-Davidson 30th Anniversary and Rip’s B.A.D. Ride. For some reason, I looked down at the camera and saw it was jiggling about. I reached down to tighten it and the mount had broken and fell right in my hand. It was cracked and ready to go. I shoved it in my jacket pocket and kept riding.

While walking the halls of the SEMA Show one morning, I came across something to solve this issue. It was Panavise, a series of action camera mounts for the professional videographer. The Panavise is made from custom engineered composite and lightweight aluminum with a ball style adjuster so you can aim the camera in nearly every conceivable angle. The mounts come with both a 1/4 x 20 camera adapter, and the three prong GoPro Hero adapter.

I picked up their ActionGRIP, a 3-N-1 suction cup camera mount kit that includes a double knuckle ball adjuster, and the NEW BarGRIP. This gives you the ability to mount it on any angle and get a level shot. The both mounts are made from Have you ever tried to mount a GoPro to a roll bar just to get a shot at an angle either parallel or perpendicular to the bar? Now you can adjust it to have a forward and level shot that is super-sturdy and strong. Unlike the hard plastic mounts from GoPro, these mounts have a rubber non-slip insert on the clamp that can grip any round or semi-round tube from 7/8″ to 1-1/4″.

Here we show the grips on a 1947 Kurtis-Kraft Offy Midget Racecar at Blacktop Depot. The car has a distinguished racing history from 1947- the 1960’s.

The suction cup ActionGRIP retails for $50.00 and the BarGRIP goes for $30.00. Visit Panavise.com for more details.

Custom Instrumentation


New “Retrofit” Gauges by Con2R


So often we look inside an awesome custom or hot rod and see the same digital gauges with a black face and no design, or, it’s a cookie cutter gauge design that “looks retro”. At the recent SEMA Show we found a fresh new look with Con2R’s custom instrumentation.

We spoke with Bob and the boys at Con2R about the “Retrofit” gauges displayed.

“When we went looking for instrumentation that was appropriate for our 1964 Ford ‘PH100’ project, all we could find were the same old ‘needles in a pre-sized can.'” Said Bob.

So as is the case with everything they do at CON2R, combining their creative and technical capabilities to develop their own instrumentation – complete from the working components to the one-off raised lettering and dimensional faces to the domed glass and backlighting – that fits aesthetically and functionally. Using the original panel and gauges as their guide, they create a complete set of instrumentation that appears to have come direct from the factory when the vehicle was built.

If you don’t like what you see in the catalogs and want to do more with your gauges, give Con2R a call. They enjoy the opportunity to put their talented crew to work for you to create instrumentation that is yours and yours alone.  Check out some of the other instrumentation they have built in their Instrumentation Gallery.

Make A Statement with DynaBuckle


Dynabuckle640Have you been searching for a custom metal shop to build just the right piece to finish off your ride. Imagine a custom emblem or dash bezel. Maybe you are planning an event. Can you picture a custom medallion for your show? Club plaques have made a great comeback. What would your members think if they could wear the plaque on their belts? We have just the right place for you.

Enter DynaBuckle

For over 40 years, DynaBuckle’s team employs the lost art of American Craftsmanship, to create your item that will endure both time and impression.

No order is too big or too small from stock retail pieces to fully custom designed items. Each piece is finished by hand, by our craftsmen, in-house, in the U.S.A. Whether it is a piece of jewelry for your car, a custom award for your show or a symbol of pride for your club, DynaBuckles attention to detail, excellent customer service and quick turn around is sure to impress.

Bring your imagination, and we will bring our artistry. Visit: DynaBuckle.com